When Someone Dies

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Expected Death at Home

If someone has passed away at home, phone their Doctor.

The doctor must see the deceased person and certify that life is extinct and be willing to supply a death certificate.

Then phone your chosen Funeral Director.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have any difficulties with contacting the doctor please do not hesitate to phone us so we can take the necessary steps for you.

Nursing Home

It is current practice for Nursing Staff to ask families to nominate a Funeral Director when the person is admitted.

When a death occurs, the Nursing Staff will contact the Doctor and the Funeral Director you have chosen, who will then liaise with you.


All accidents and when a doctor is not able to sign a death certificate, the police must be notified.The deceased person may be examined by the state coroners department.

This process can often take one week or more. Contact your Funeral Director who will liaise with the coroner to discuss appropriate time of transfer.


Ring your Funeral Director, we will then liaise with the appropriate authorities and make enquiries on your behalf.

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